38 mass shootings in 24 days suggests a need for reevaluation. I do not trust the people elected to govern to do this reevaluation as they don't seem clear on law, history, governance, citizens' daily experience, or even gun mechanics. I don't have a solution. But this is self evidently not okay.


Does it bother the people found guilty of seditious conspiracy that the people who also ought to be charged with seditious conspiracy are instead running legislative committees? Or are they glad that some version of the storming of the capitol has been successful? Do they feel burned? Do they feel yay more insane racists to represent my views in the form of government I openly oppose? Loyalty to their immediate people, both cause and leadership an abstraction? What’s actually in their hearts?

So, like, MTG goes home to GA13 and says that her plan is to cause global economic disaster which will hurt her constituents, unless she is allowed to cut programs which cuts will hurt her constituents, and they say “great, as long as you keep being racist?” Is this the situation?

This omicron xxb1.5 is no joke, man. I had better energy recovering from major cancer surgery.

dumpster diving alert: if you are in Brooklyn and want a more or less intact Nilus Leclerc Dorothy 24" 4 shaft table loom, I saw it in a dumpster outside 570 4th St, 11215.

EDIT: loom is now inaccessible or gone, see next post. Please don't boost this any more.

#weaving #textileart #brooklyn #dumpsterdiving

How am I supposed to do my 3 jobs and be a single mom if I need to nap at least an hour for every 2 I work? I do not have sufficient support to have a post viral fatigue issue. This simply cannot be. Wrong answers only.

Covid day 17. Finally testing negative! Yay! Still congested and easily fatigued. My wind is for shit. But on the upswing at last.

I do not know well a single person who has ever purchased a new stove, or who had a choice about what stove was in their house. How are there so many people with such strong opinions about this?

Also I need to just soften to the idea that these idiots will have and will misuse really serious national security stuff which will put many more people (some of whom I care about personally) in harm’s way. I can’t stop that from being the case, and my rage doesn’t help.

Covid day 15. Can work with many naps. Miss other humans. When I let myself think about it, I seethe in fury at being really sick for a fortnight and having zero neighbor support, for the second time in 3 years. There is a better way to,live, and I will find it. But not today. Kid completely recovered, which is, of course, nothing to sneeze at. But I will!

I sort of get plague fatigue now. I sort of get why people have just decided this is no longer an issue.

I have been sick for almost two weeks. I’m lonely and miss my boyfriend and I need help.

I would like to say — hey, I’ve done my part but now this positive result is becoming an inconvenience. I mean, I’m not saying that, but I want to.

Iz “FAA systems failure” as troubling as my feverish brain thinks?

It’s freaky that I am exactly no one’s idea of a patriot, would never describe myself that way, have seen no indication that nation-states are a good idea, and I still find myself more of a patriot than a huge number of ultra-flaggy people.

if you ever catch youself spacing out, don't worry. that was just a pause in reality while a long exposition scene was shown to the viewer

If the costs of fossil fuels were paid by the people who collect the profits from fossil fuels then we'd be done with fossil fuels.

It is extremely unfun being this sick. I am completely freaked out by how much work I need to do that I’m not doing. I did however manage to take care of an equally sick kid who is now better, and 10,000 pets.

Also I need to find a place and way to live that makes up for the fact that I have no family or community-minded neighbors.

But not today.

Ancient Sumerian Sex 

So now I can finally share some Sumerian erotica

This is A kunĝar to Inana aka Ploughing With The Jewels. It starts off with Inana and her husband Dumuzid having an argument that basically boils down to "My dad could beat up your dad" but the arousal of lively debate soon becomes physical arousal. Ploughing here is used as a metaphor for coitus, which is still pretty intelligible to us today. A little less obvious are the jewels, which refer to Dumuzid's semen.



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What if this year we didn’t call the various monopoly/lobbyist/K street/industrial complexes “big X”? I don’t think infantilizing the problem is useful at this point? It’s not a hill I’ll die on, because I’ll die from their greed like everyone else, but I would prefer not have a cutesy name for it?

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